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Climate Change


Gratitude and Truth in Biography


Gay Marriage: as important as Race

Arguing that support of gay marriage is as important as opposition to racism. From 20 minutes

Five Questions | By Kieran Setiya


Australian Indigenous Politics
War and Terror

The Fragility of the Idea and the Ideal of a Common Humanity

Ethical Tragedy and International Law

Truth and Spin

A Philosophical Q & A (On gay marriage from 49 minutes)

Faith and Culture: The Voice of Faith and Public Reason (Keynote Lecture includes my discussion of the nun I encountered in a psychiatric hospital, whose behaviour towards people who were radically and incurably afflicted)

Faith and Culture: The Voice of Faith and Public Reason (Panel Discussion of Keynote Lecture. Susan Neiman, Asma Barlas, Scott Stephens, Bernadette Tobin)

Political Dignity

Trump, Reason and Judgment

On Conversation

The Many Ways of Saying ‘We

Sleepwalking through privilege and oppression?

Sleepwalking through privilege and oppression?

War and Terror: The Nightmare of our Times

Conversation with Jay Winter, J. Stille Professor of History Emeritus, Yale University

International Law and Ethical Tragedy


Universities Challenged

Raimond Gaita, Robert Manne and Glyn Davis (former VC University of Melbourne)

To Civilise the City?

Why study humanities?

Climate Change

A Philosopher and an Activist discuss ‘A Climate of Change’

Raimond Gaita and Katerina Gaita

“We” creatures of the earth: Ethical reflections on Australia’s fires